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I think the worst possible news from last night's :dnd: game is that @magicalmilly's kenku missed all the murder.

There are going to be so many angry birb noises.

PC: Split the party?

NPC: I've been told that never goes poorly.

"She learned the magic through anger alone."

"Kayla would like to rage."

"There's two terrifying kobold sorcerers in the party and I named the wrong one."

"She sounds terrifying."

"She is."

"Oh, she's nice! And also terrifying."

"Do not make me use wish to turn him into stone and put him in my bag of holding."

"Where did THAT come from?!"

"How do you use this?"

"You get attuned to it, you walk up to a dragon, you think hard about how you don't want it to eat your face off, and then you use it."

"I feel weird not being the 'bad cop' in this interrogation."

"You should tell us everything you know."

"Everything USEFUL."

"He bites back the story of his birth."

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