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"Chroma the baby kobold is the material component for the invisibility spell. After all, she's the Chroma Key."

"You are now the perch for 19 baby kobolds."

"Send me back to the dragon."

"The air does not smell like a dragon fart. I have an after school D&D club and I still never thought I'd say that."

"In my practiced experience, does it smell like a dragon mouth?"

"Guys! I'm being sneaky!"

(*singing at the top of her lungs...*)

"We're so quiet! We're so quiet! Being sneaky, we're so quiet!"

"An incredibly charismatic T-Rex."

"Hey, baby ... rawr."

"Breakfast Bacon Burritos is more of a short term plan."

"It doesn't have to be."

"One of these days we'll be able to just ... leave ... a town."

"As opposed to leaving it a smoking ruin?"


"LOGICAL pyromaniac?! Who threatened to burn a train station down?!"

"In fairness, I said that because I was bored."

"There were many zombies and then Zeeli happened and there were many fewer zombies."
"Then Gox happened and there were fewer buildings."

What could possibly go wrong from taking a long rest in a murder house staffed by demonic scarecrows?

Let's find out.

Article: "10 items to never give to a party."

Me, a DM: "Ooh, a shopping list!"

I have sweaters and hot chocolate, but no snow as the precipitation stopped before we hit our freeze warning. 🌨️

@noelle 1-ups me again.

Dear WotC please update Spelljammer for 5e so my next campaign can be Kobolds in Space.

Much love,

(Commissioned art by @scoots with minor edits by me )

Crash :dndpeek: boosted

President Wotan says that everyone must boost his pictures. And also tell him that he is a pretty cat and a good cat

How to Play a Zealot Without Starting the Crusades

Another great blog post by @queenofhaiku! This one's about her Kobold Zealot Barbarian!

Me: I'm tired, and next week things will be worse.

Also Me: Imma load up my most recent Rimworld saved game.

(As the new friends tended to be mechanical or undead, they did not in fact need to breathe. There was also a chicken, and no one but the DM knows how it lived.)

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