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History shows
Again and again
How nature points out
The folly of men. 🎡


"The dragon was distracted by the flying, exploding kobold."

"To be fair..."

"I'm going to give you inspiration just because you mathed well and someone needs to."

"Chromatic Orb, cold damage!"


"Sniloc's Snowball Swarm!"

"I don't even have that spell!"

"Blizzard ... Entertainment!'

"There's our copyright strike."


"That sounds like a spell."

"Take 8d8 Loot Box damage."

"We've been playing for an hour and we're on Initiative 19 on the first round of combat."

"High level character problems."

"Imagine if you were going up against a kindergartener who is raging."

"So I'm much bigger?"

"No, you're the kindergartener."

"I know what you're going to do and you're now my favorite person."

"Breath weapons aren't attacks, they're limited-time terrain features."

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