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"100% of the kobolds present are not responsible for burning your house to the ground."

"[The dragonborn paladin]'s expression is ... ineffable."

"So you're saying he can't be effed."

"When your long rest is over it is now Dawn. You wake up covered in dish soap."

"Look, Wizards of the Coast only listed 20 common kobold names so we have to use a lot of them more than once."

"So you brought the sentient skeleton of a kobold animated by a servant of Tiamat ... into the oldest temple to Bahamut on the planet."

"You've taken a horror show, and a horror show. Their powers combined are Captain Horror Show!"

"When I said 'fast food movie tie-in' I was being serious."

"The duke of extraterrestrial beings."

"With his minions, E.T. and Alf."

"Well, E.T.'s the cleric, we know that..."

"Don't grapple a person who can set herself on fire."

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"There's always supposed to be something that makes noise. Otherwise, what's 4:30 AM for?"

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♪ Spider plant /
Spider plant /
Does whatever a plant can /
Is it strong? /
Listen bud: /
No ♪

It's time to stream some all-kobold adventuring!

Bring on the smol patrol!

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I certainly do enjoy the Beyond Encounter Builder, but my party keeps surviving these "Deadly" encounters.

I'm going to have to up my game and hope for a session that doesn't end in 3 rounds or less.

"If I read this description wrong, it says 'small friend.'"

"Well it depends on whose side you're on."

"Did any of you skip leg day?"

"I don't need leg day, I has wings."

"So all of you have the ability to out-walk the suits of armor."

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