I cannot help but think that turnip sales helped lead to this moment.

@f0x I wish I could leave my dice sitting out. Alas, I have a cat who will not tolerate such things.

Instance block Recommendation 

rayn.bo seems to be a fairly new instance (Admin account was set up in December 2020) that bills itself as "free speech," and predictably is attracting the kind of people one sees on such instances.

Mainly trumpists and other conspiracy theorists.


DnD idea: Warlock class that's basically a sponsored social media influencer.
"This spell casting was gifted to me by the dark forces. And if you use my sponsorship rune inscription to contact them you get a free cantrip with your pact"
#dnd #ttrpg

┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) It’s  
┳┻|⊂ノ     kobold time
┻┳| twitch.tv/CrashTheDM

@Morgan The last time I went to target I saw 6 employees not wearing their masks.

This was with state, county, and company mask mandates.

Mileage varies.

@monsterbot13 Where the heck is that ... there it is again!

Did I forget to change the batteries in something?

re: internet meta 

@Garrison For the bonus round there are people for whom the exact opposite is true, where the politician they hate can do nothing right but the toxic person with public posts of their own design documenting their toxicity can do nothing wrong.

@RebelsHeart I said it would solve a problem.

I didn't say how.

@RebelsHeart Simply store your bags of holding that are full of gold in other bags of holding. Problem solved.

@RebelsHeart Because a significant number of people in my game group have played Neverwinter Online and I refuse to unironically introduce microtransactions.

@Garrison Master Yoda, the puppet.

A Puppet Master, if you will.

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