My cat hates being picked up but loves being held.

What gives?

My friend Erik is streaming some Final Fantasy, if you're into that kind of thing. Alas, I have a staff meeting in the morning or I'd continue to watch.

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@alice @magicalmilly I still subject my students to that song every year.

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Linux, I'm stuck. 

@magicalmilly My cat claws at my arm to get my attention, then walks away when he has it.

Also cats.


:dnd: , alch ref 

We'll be streaming tonight's all-kobold session slightly behind schedule, but you can still find us here:

I'll be playing (royalty free) music to pass the time until we begin.

I may have just teared up a bit when writing notes for [plot point] in our all-kobold :dnd: game. Actions have consequences, and while what I did fits, I don't have to like it.

@alice It's a special event when they finally reach, and then cross the road.

Oh, I did NOT just get inspired to take the plot of my :dnd: kobold game in a very different direction from my current roadmap.

I usually leave it up to the players to derail everything.

@scoots As an art teacher at an art school what upsets me is when students, and even other staff, claim they are not artists.

Often, they say this just before they create something that disproves the statement.

Too many look at the work of others, see it as worlds better than their own, then internalize their own gate to keep with them on the other side of the esteemed title of Artist.

I'm tired of it.

@densetsu Not gonna lie I could go for a True Neutral.

@venatus @eightbitsamurai

"Nonono, you're using the term wrong. When someone I LIKE makes money, it's capitalism. When someone I DON'T like makes money, they're a sellout who betrayed lofty ideals."


Don't take a druid's ability to shape-shift into an earth elemental for granite. :dadjoke:


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