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Meta. I meant to say meta.

"England has been re-banned after trying to sneak back in under the name 'Knifecrime Island.' Please keep an eye out for any suspicious new nations."

This makes more sense if you've seen the first comic:

@wigglytuffitout @noelle It looks like that lalafel is riding the chocolate chocobo out of the bomb bay.

@venatus Don't mind me, just taking notes for the kobold game.

I got the damage for my car.

My radiator did explode. And the thermostat, and some tubes.

Altogether, it will be $425.

I don't.... I don't have this cash.

Pls help



@voorhees @magicalmilly This is also a Crash.

I frequently tell the story of the time I spent 30 minutes looking for my glasses before I realized the floor was in focus.

@magicalmilly Oh he'd be fine with that because it would be more time for him to play on his 7 Days to Die server with his family instead.

One of my favorite "Malevolent DM" jokes that I try not to overuse is when a player asks if the party leveled up after an event I like to respond "Yes, congratulations, you're all now level [current level - 1]!"

I don't make them level down for real, though. This isn't 1st edition.

@venatus She never encountered a problem that couldn't be solved by punching.

Or standing on the ceiling to assert dominance.

Our D&D group did a fun one-shot today where I played a dwarf grandma who left her pig farm to become a nature paladin

She doesn't have a burning passion to fight for good, she's just in it for the divine job benefits like immunity to rheumatism and other drawbacks of old age

#mastoart #DnD

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