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@venatus I'm just getting frustrated that I've progressed so far in the Minuteman campaign that it's hard to complete a questline without having to run back and save a settlement. I've been beefing up their defenses but that doesn't always stop the need for intervention.

@pikestaff Look at it this way: It reinforced your reasoning for leaving Tumblr. In that sense it wasn't a mistake but a valuable learning experience.

@pikestaff I have a crossposter set up to take my #/DnD tagged toots and put them on my Twitter account, but I haven't logged in to check it in close to a year now.

Fallout 4 

I'm on my first play-through ever and at this point I'm familiar enough with the game mechanics that I have a good sense for how I'd like my next play-through to go.

But I haven't progressed very far in the main quest, because side quests are shiny.

I kind of want to finish the main quest before I start a new character, but the longer it takes the more that feels like a chore than a fun goal.

So I'm just going to keep this in mind as I'm playing and bail on this save if the impulse to start over gets too strong.

Having 998 rounds of ammo in a Bethesda game: :blobsweat:

Having 999 rounds of ammo in a Bethesda game: :blobmindblown:


Last night several of you had a conversation about cookie dough that I have apparently read just before heading out to buy groceries.

If any items not on my list get purchased, I'm collectively blaming all of you.

And also not sharing.

It's been a while so I'm going to be syncing this account up with my @crash account.

I'm not moving so much as I'm backing up.

In any case, if you get a follow request from that account, yes, it's me.

New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up! This one is titled: "Diablo II Excitement!" It is packed full of information about the Diablo II: Resurrected Technical Alpha.

image description: A crystal is shattering into pieces inside a circle. At the top, it says "Shattered Soulstone".

@noelle My life is better off because Elekk exists.

We were acquaintances before. Now we're friends.

I wouldn't have met Cindy, Io, Milly, Rhys, or a bunch of other people without Elekk existing.

I won't argue that Elekk is or is not fun. That's going to be different for each person and the answer can change in a moment.

But for whatever it's worth, thank you.

Please note that "good" is of course a personal opinion and I am not about to claim the games you like are any less valid than the games I like.

I mean, I wish there was no need for me to say that, but this is the internet, so I need to add that disclaimer.

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I consider a game to be good if I am already thinking of how my next play-through will be different before I finish my first one.

Incomplete list of games that have fit this description, now or in the past:

Civilization (Any version)
Sims 1 and 4
Warcraft 1, 2, and 3
Neverwinter Online
Dungeons & Dragons

@tinylesbiangamer @noelle @pikestaff @SpaceCadet Battle?

Heck, no! We'll just take turns chasing the youths off our lawns.

@john Incredibly relevant for a SpellJammer campaign.

"Gorillas don't tend to have octopus beaks."

"There's a lot of this robot that shouldn't be part of this robot."

"The 11th level ranger doesn't really need advantage."

*The ranger then rolls a 2 twice in a row.*

"Oh! Oh."

"Was that a good "oh" or a bad "oh?" I can never tell with you."

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