New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up! Episode 330 is titled "Fourth Musketeer". It includes special guest Lanntonio (who was one of the original hosts).

We talked about how he's doing, Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo III, Diablo I and other stuff.

image description: A large crystal is shattering into pieces. Above it are the words "Shattered Soulstone".

"You are never alone if there are trees."

"I can't tell if that's encouragement or an ominous warning."

"It's up to the trees."

@magicalmilly *stands on a soap box waving a sign that says "Support Public Schools" until he falls over*

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New avatar by @scoots

Cogbucket JR is a paladin of Clarke, God of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. They went into paladining so they could protect their friends, who are mostly all kobolds.

Also, their friends are all way more powerful than JR.

"Stop breathing down my neck."

"By breathing is only a simulation."

"So is my neck. Stop it anyway."

"You realize when a Tarrasque shows up that's considered an apocalypse event?"


"So you made a character that could stop three apocalypses in a single turn?"

@magicalmilly Clearly this means none of them will attempt to eat your cheeseburger. You have chosen roommates well.

"We all know that bears are scared of UFOs."

Fallout 4 

Playing a run of Fallout 4 as a sniper and did you know it takes several hundred shots with a pipe rifle to kill a legendary deathclaw and it's non-legendary ally?

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