A Game Grumps video with Jaiden Animations and Alanah from Inside Gaming?

This is not the only team-up I would be happy to see, but I am happy to see it. Now if they could get Kyle Hill and Puffin Forrest in there as well...

@venatus Apparently it's given up its murderous ways and instead encourages onlookers to dance uncontrollably. youtube.com/watch?v=kiwCBfRM8c

Canceling a D&D game and calling in sick for my teaching job create the same mood for me.

The D&D game is far less work to cancel as sub plans aren't a thing, but the emotional toll is the same.

"Which if used correctly can be annoying, but if used incorrectly can be even more annoying."

re: the f word 

@nilaky I have been told this is not allowed.

re: Milly's voting adventure 

@Morgan @magicalmilly "Vote early, vote often, I always say ... wait, why am I being arrested?"

Okay, I'm playing West of Loathing, which is really just the new version of Kingdom of Loathing.



re: skyrim, death 

Same town, another dragon. Killed 2 guards this time.

I'm going to have to stop coming here. I think all they have left to defend is the archery trainer.

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Hey, now, you're a 

Hey, now, you're a
Hey, now, you're a
Hey, now, you're a...


My total number of saves would be much lower if the game didn't like to quit on me right as I tabbed back in from checking a website.

re: skyrim 

@revolverocelot ... of course the downside is I don't get to play with my friends, but they're never free to play at the same times as me these days, anyway, so hopping on the MMOs they play wouldn't make a difference.

re: skyrim 

@revolverocelot I can pause it whenever I need to and there are no random people running around to troll other players which already makes it 200 times better than any MMO.

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