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Will this be the stream where I reach 75 viewers?

... No. No, it will not be.

@magicalmilly I expect an autographed copy of Pastor Milly's Advice For Raising Giant Cats.

I mean, I'll pay retail price, but I expect the book to exist so I can purchase it.

Thinking of streaming more Rimworld in @ an hour.

The Rimworld will continue until we have kobolds in space or no more kobolds.

(In 2 hour streaming sessions, that is. I will not do a single stream until win condition achieved, that way lies madness.)

@MadestMadness @noelle I've used Minetest with students and it's great.

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My birthday is coming up on 8/25! If you are inclined to get me a gift, I have a list here: amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2JSX

If you are inclined to help me out financially, here are some ways you can do that:


And if you're inclined to do none of the above, I'm still grateful for your friendship. <333

That's on average 6 hours of audio recorded every week, followed by the time needed to edit those recordings down.

Add in the time spent prepping for sessions and the other two games I play in but don't record and I've had part time jobs that didn't give me that many hours/week.

Where the comparison breaks down is that I actively enjoy doing this stuff, as opposed to the part time jobs I've had.

That, and as a hobby the money flow is mostly in the opposite direction.

This isn't me complaining, by the way. It's just me being introspective about how much playing games with my friends has become a large percentage of my life.

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Me, originally setting up Patreon: "If we reach $__ in support I'll work hard and publish two podcasts per week!"

Me, now: *Publishes 3 sessions per week with an episode buffer lasting until October.*

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@Jo I ... might have to look into Pluto TV now.

re: Cursed Avatar (Aang/Korra) thought 

@Jo I mean, bloodbending is totally a thing so it's certainly possible...

The best reason for subscribing to my Twitch channel is so that you can go to Milly's channel and spam the space shark emote.

Some could argue it is also the only reason.

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@Garrison I did manage to reach Affiliate after a long while of regular streams, but the goal of 75 people /regularly/ tuning in to see me play D&D and Rimworld? I'd need to already be famous somewhere else first.

In one sense I am, as I'm a teacher, but I refuse to use that position in such an unethical way.

I am still, by the way, /incredibly amused/ that I am:

1. Only a single step away from becoming a Twitch Partner, and...

2. That step has such an incredibly high bar that I have no expectations of ever reaching it.

So I'm one impossible step away from becoming a Twitch Partner, but I still get to say I'm only one step away.

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