Reference implying death but no actual death 

TAZ Season 3 Trailer 

I have a secret for u

Enbies can define their relationship any way they want, regardless of how they were defined at birth. Deciding if an enby relationship is "hetero" based on cisnormativity is its own special form of transphobia ✌️

@venatus Even the duck looks horrified at this eventuality.

2 years ago: Circulus Ep 08: The Siege of Koomridge, Part I

The city of Koomridge Keep is under siege by zombies and ... other things.

@venatus If an electric mouse can be a detective, why not a gun?

everyone's crazy about that new giant automatic broom! 

"On a scale of one to attacking Jackie Chan in a ladder factory while he's holding a baby after he's just said he doesn't want any trouble, how bad is this idea?"

1 year ago: Pack Tactics | Ep 09: Kobold Farm

The kobolds take refuge on a farm, but something is following them.

@banjofox @noelle It's OK, rest is more important, even more important than :dnd:.

If only someone recorded them for release in podcast form .... :blobthinking:


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