Pack Tactics S3 Ep 07: And Beyond

New season, new kobolds!

Still chasing the moon, the kobolds aboard their dragonfly ship are about to enter the Phlogiston.

Pack Tactics S3 Ep 06: Never Tell Me The Odds

New season, new kobolds!

OK, so the moon's gone, but we can chase it with this new ship we made!

Hit & Abyss Ep 040: Party Split (Group 2)

Group 2 heads back to Sandstone to check on their old friend Sanctimonious and see how the city of Sandstone is doing. Spoiler: Not well.

Pack Tactics S3 Ep 05: New Friends?

New season, new kobolds!

Four soggy mind flayers are a bit grumpy that Chroma attacked them with a Decanter of Endless Water.

Pack Tactics S3 Ep 03: To The Moon

New season, new kobolds!

The wait is over, let's go to the moon!

I'm sure nothing will go wrong.

Pack Tactics S3 Ep 02: Tower Bridge

New season, new kobolds!

Our young friends have found a rickety bridge across a chasm, and on the other side is a demonic unicorn.

The Giff has not been convinced to jump across.

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