Pack Tactics S2 Ep 43: Clock’s Ticking

We begin with an interrogation of a recently defeated member of the Twenty who has some useful information about the Mountain Core.

Also, the effects of Daldain's world-altering Wish spell are beginning to become evident.

It's going to be a little while before Episode 50 finds its way into our RSS feed, but Page (played by @magicalmilly) is here to give you a recap of what took place in 3 minutes or less.

That she wasn't in this session does not seem to have stopped her.

Hit & Abyss Ep 032: The Fall

In this one-shot, three low level monks do their best to escape from the Momestary (still not a typo) as it gets ransacked by orcs.


Preview: Hit & Abyss Ep. 48: Page's Day Out

Starring an original story by @magicalmilly ... you have been warned.

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(Character art by @scoots!)

Hit & Abyss Ep 029: Everything Right Is Wrong Again

Brin says goodbye to the gnolls, Mezire begins checking off items in the Book of Doom, and Faehime and Ownka try scrying their moms.

2 years ago...

Circulus Ep 13: Opening Orestrike Part 3

The party reaches the gates of Hooson, The dwarfs are gone, but the underground town isn't quite empty.

One year ago...

Circulus Ep 12: Escape From Hooson

In this one-shot, Erik and Tom play dwarfs doing their best to escape the doomed dwarf colony of Hooson. Will they make it out alive?

2 years ago...

Circulus Ep 11: Opening Orestrike, Part 2

The party approaches the pun trifecta of towns and encounter the glorious liquid known as Geargrinder Special.

1 year ago...

Pack Tactics Ep 11: Rock’em Sock’em Barbarians

Kobold barbarian vs. gnome barbarian for a fight of miniature proportions!

Hit & Abyss Ep 018: Away Mission

With the dust settling in the aftermath of Neyleth Academy's small hell raising crisis, the party heads off to settle some personal business of Mezire's brought to light by Andy the page.

1 year ago...
Circulus Ep 56: No Place Like Home

A bargain is proposed, and the party heads home from the worst city ever.

2 years ago: Circulus Ep 10: Opening Orestrike, Part 1

The dwarfs of Orestrike locked themselves away in the last conflict, but their services are needed. Time to look for help.

One year ago: | Ep 10: Cleansing Fire

The Smol Patrol defend the tunnel to their new home the best ways they know how.

2 years ago: Circulus Ep 08: The Siege of Koomridge, Part I

The city of Koomridge Keep is under siege by zombies and ... other things.

1 year ago: Pack Tactics | Ep 09: Kobold Farm

The kobolds take refuge on a farm, but something is following them.

One year ago: Pack Tactics | Ep 08: Digging In

The kobolds have taken refuge in a magical conjured sphere, but there's more than one thing out there that might want in.

1 year ago: Circulus Ep 54: Crunch And Munch

The party's in a strange city, besieged by monstrosities from the black void between the stars.

Roll for initiative.

1 year ago today:

Circulus Ep 05: The eyes have it.

The party finds out that sometimes directions are meant to be followed.

One year ago today:

Circulus Ep 52: Split The Party

"Vex hates cities. Panq hates everyone. They’re alone in the worst city. This should end well."

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