"Oh! I have regrets! I have a lot of regrets!"

"My favorite thing is how cheerfully that information was relayed."

"Is it a 'No?'"

"I am opening my new source book."

"That sounds like a 'No.'"

"Are you experimenting with earthquakes?"

"Not near this floor."

"I probably should have mentioned the eldritch horrors before inviting anyone."

"This is the 'bad idea' notebook. We only work on these every other Friday."

"You have no idea how much engineering went into making these doors open up on their own."

"You don't just have someone in the wall with a rope?"

"I would prefer for there to not be a monorail in the hallway."

"You're going to love the source book I just bought."

"That's when we determined the rules for biting in combat."

"What's the worst that could happen? Find out after this short break!"

"Visitor passes!"

"They don't explode, do they?"

"You are not the first person to ask."

"Should we ask for a salary?"

"We did bring back the moon..."

"To be fair we also contributed to it being lost."

"The inventors."

(Repeated often, each time with a more disappointed tone.)

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