"Doesn't every new life start with a combat round? I mean, I'm not a parent myself, I'm making assumptions."

"When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

"And the hammer's vibrating."

"No, it's totally fine, now."

"Didn't we leave the town a smoking crater."

"You have determined that if they are not kobolds, they are very light monsters."

"You hit things with your brain, that's valid. But not literally with your brain, that means your helmet failed."

"Is there anyone here who isn't a tank and took damage? I want to be mad at someone."

"I am a tank that crawled inside another tank."

"You rolled 1 away from a crit, you only cloned its mitochondrial DNA."

"And if everything's not going well in an immediate way then everything will be on fire, and then we'll notice."

"Cool kobolds don't look back at explosions!"

"That's why I looked!"

"Was it cool?"

"What happened last week?"

"Nothing, we t-"



"I /caused/ forest fires."

"There's one more plug I'd like to make before we go offline."





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