"You attack the darkness with a Decanter of Endless Water."

"There's gotta be an ontology bearing SOMETHING in here somewhere."

"It turns out everything in here is for aesthetics."

"Remember the comment about how there's going to be some running gags? I think we found Chroma's."

"A kobold artificer builds wonderful mechanical contraptions. A kobold inventor ties a live scorpion onto the end of a stick."

"They're not sure which came first, the chicken, egg, dragonborn, or illithid."

"Turns out it's really just a machine that goes 'bing.'"

"Prion diseases are the LEAST of your problems."

"It's still one of your problems, but yeah."

"Something about forgetting their god. Not sure how that happens."

[The entire party gets very, very nervous.]

"The Parable of Tolerance: If you tolerate zombies, all you get are zombies."

"It's a target rich environment, and you have only one target."

"I don't know how this works."

"Theoretically, I do!"

"Despite them being from different worlds I suspect Karen and [character's mom] are rivals at PTA meetings."

"Why would this be weirder than anything else on the moon?"

"Rolls a medicine check to see what killed him."


"It was Lupus."

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