"Can I roll for literary analysis and symbolism?"

"You've given me a lot of ideas to sit on."

"Why did that just send a shiver down my spine?"

"You seem to have a knack for hitting a word count."

"Aliens: The Musical."

"🎵​ Get outta my chest, or so help me..."

"My character takes a shower but he shows up covered in sludge again."

"The DM does not want to ask how that happened but the DM feels he has to ask."

"We live in a fantasy world of magic, dragons, and monsters..."

"And dentists."

"And there's nothing short of a Wish spell that will restore your costume."

"I can't find the NPC's name so I'm just going to name him Bob. Full name Bobbert."

"You didn't press all the buttons!"

"I pressed the button for 'post-left' but that doesn't actually do anything."

"What happened last time?"

"I did something cool, I know that."

"This podcast has been optimized for Netscape Navigator 4.0."

"Sniv has a history with diplomacy."

"So you're saying he's experienced."

"He may have made Intimidation checks instead of Persuasion."

"Raise your hand if you've never done that.""

"Please don't tell me the story of Christmas again!"

"Baby's First ... Primer for the Abyssal Language? Why do we have this book?"

"I know it's supposed to be silly but /they're doing it wrong/."

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