"Are you OK? Do you need healing?"


"No to both?"

"No to both."

"OK, I can't fix emotional damage."

"Is biting a finesse weapon?"

"I'll allow it."

"Am I proficient?"


"Don't make me cast Grease!"

"Don't make us make you cast Grease!"

"And we have a crate of ready-made Molotov Cocktails back on the ship."

"We do?"

"I didn't say that in character."


"Is it to the North West or the West North."

"I don't ... yes."

"You're not wrong, just WRONG."

"That's the highest compliment I've ever been paid."

"I'm not going to mess with [the important plot device]!"

(one roll later)

"The [important plot device] goes dark."

"So what have we learned here?"

"Trebuchets are FUN!"

"I'm a character who hates space in a space campaign."

"No, I'm asking what THEY'VE learned here."

"He's using the flying carpet as a security blanket."

"You've found a message board."

"Let the trolling begin."

"The latest entry is hundreds of years ago."

"I'm not going to necropost like that."

"Oh, no, another bot has betrayed you."

"You've changed the language settings to Infernal."

"Are we just going to adopt every kid that makes bad decisions?"

"Apropos of nothing, what's the range for Eyes of the Grave?"

"60 feet."

"OK, 61 feet away there's just a wall of zombies."

"70 feet away they're filming Michael Jackson's Thriller."

"Now we know what [the bard] is doing..."

"They've changed the language preferences to Earth Elemental."

"What did I do?"

"Lots of things, but in this particular case you are innocent."

"Clearly I can just throw people so I didn't think about anything else."

"We left them with the only crew member they cannot corrupt."

"JR? Because they came with us."


"Also we're trusting our spaceship to a Mind Flayer."

"We did do that, yes."

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