"Sniv has a history with diplomacy."

"So you're saying he's experienced."

"He may have made Intimidation checks instead of Persuasion."

"Raise your hand if you've never done that.""

"Baby's First ... Primer for the Abyssal Language? Why do we have this book?"

"I know it's supposed to be silly but /they're doing it wrong/."

"Well I'm not going to say it was aliens, but ... it was banshees."

"You realize, you left the interrogation to the 7 foot tall tabaxi child with ADD."

"She's bound to crack eventually."

"What's your name?"


"'Aaaaah!' That's a good name. What's your favorite color?"


"I like that color, too."

"I wouldn't recommend tapping the glass. It distracts the banshee."

"I am vibrating but doing my best."

"The arrow dies of poison damage. It wasn't venomous, it was poisoned."

"A thing pops into existence behind Morley."

"I tackle it."

"I'm loading a picture of it."

"Maybe I don't tackle it."

"Do you have 'Pass Without A Trace?'"


"Then you're the diversion."

"Every time you say 'mechanical dragon' it sounds less like a thing."

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