"These guys are glass cannons without the cannon part."

"The mages have decided to give me head voices again."

"This time I'm beautiful."

*party is silent*

"Moving on."

"I interrupted Milly because my character is interrupting Karen."

"Can we all just agree that Karen won't do the talking?"

"Try not to annoy him or overstay your welcome."

"Well we're going to fail on both counts."

"Did you ever pass that Charisma save?"

"... Yeeeeeeeeeees."

"I have so many toys to play with."

"Is one of them fireball? We could use that right now."

"I disagree."

"Rhine is now 100% more anime."

"Speed lines! Everywhere!"

"Maybe I shouldn't say that in such a creepy voice."

"Do you have other settings?"

"I have insulted its lineage in binary."

"This is the best character you've ever made."

"It has had the longest spa day of all spa days."

"Each of the three eyes in the center of its head has a cucumber slice on top of it."

"Can anyone consecrate this ground?"

"You're talking to a warlock."

"There's a cleric in the party."

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