"And if there isn't enough water I can keep adding water until there's enough water for it to count as water for magical purposes."

"It's a hereditary position."

"There's ways to solve that."


"I'm not gonna do that ... yet."

"The plumbing crew are all building lead zeppelins."

"Oh, they're all bards."

"So you're saying we shouldn't investigate the very dangerous area because there's nothing of interest and oh by the way it's 100% safe."

"That's right, it's tougher than me."

"Tinker! And also make ship repairs. Not at the same time."

"I have a Prestidigitation Tool Kit! I've invented White-Out!"

"I'd like to use Enhance Ability ... I'd like to use my Inspiration ... I'd like to use my Luck Point ... I'm going to use Flash of Genius ..."

"I'm good at talking a lot without being ... um ... comprehensible."

"Roll a Deception check."

"We were accidentally Alpha Testers. We have filed a bug report."

"I made a friend, and I gave him a bag of nope! Well ... just the nope, I didn't give him the bag."

"You sent the character with -3 to Dex back through the area that requires a Dex save."

"At this point wouldn't it be easier to just make another ship?"

"A nice, quiet, relaxing game where nothing bad happens, and no one ever believes me when I say that."

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