"Thus has spoken ArchBeth. Also sprach Zarathustra."

"This chip is fresh. This Chip is Dale. Wait, what?"

"This Chip is my familiar."

"This Chip is a monk."

"You can't eat just one."

"This Chip is someone I know from school. Hi, there!"


"Peter isn't down. I mean, he's down, but he isn't DOWN down."

"They have given me their backside!"

"That's the side that's been doing all the damage to you!"

"Where his left foot is..."

"The one where Eric isn't?"


"No, left."

"Hey I can heal!"

"You heal by hurting yourself."

"Or by sucking the life out of others."

"Some from Column A, some from Column B, some from Column [unintelligible, maddening gibbers]"


"We're going to fight a dragon! We're going to fight a dragon!"

It's going to be a little while before Episode 50 finds its way into our RSS feed, but Page (played by @magicalmilly) is here to give you a recap of what took place in 3 minutes or less.


That she wasn't in this session does not seem to have stopped her.

"You resist, through sheer force of ... wisdom."

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