"I am a combat tactician with a shield specialization..."

"You're going to swim into a blender, aren't you?"

"... yes."

"Listen to chat, do not step into the sahuagin blender."

"The literal Abyss doesn't have great dances."

"That's an out of context quote."

"That's a Yelp review."

"'How do you want to do this' ... is something I would be saying if you'd done a bit more damage."

"If you want to impress the tritons, now is the time to do it. Also, look at all this blood."

"It's not there for fun and games. Actually, it is. This is a game we're playing."

"We have rolled for initiative."

"Can we talk about my childhood for a while?"

"I would say that they do, but I don't want to discuss kraken anatomy further."

"They call them kraken for a reason."

"Rules as written, I think I could try to catch the balista bolt."

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