"You want the dramatic reveal? You don't get that satisfaction."

"I don't even know who any of you are!"

"Would Oceanus like to make a Dex save?"

"Yes, he would love to, but he rolled a nat 1."

"I don't want to know the reason why this makes sense."

"You are very correct."

"Don't move. Their vision is based on movement. If they see you, they adopt you."

"First, Wisdom saves, now, Dexterity saves. These zombies are in their wheelhouse."

"I'm going to name this one 'Checkers.'"

"No. NO. I gave you 3 undead hands, I'm not giving you a 4th."

"I'm going to impale it with my undead-cleaving sword."

"Is there a hyphen in there?"

"Don't worry, guys, it's using up all its cantrip spell slots."

"Heiro cannot have this dragon as a pet."

"You didn't say anything about Page!"

"Thorns and laser pointers, the classic combination."

"Jaren got a 1 for initiative. He's too busy thinking about justice to think about fighting the undead monstrosity."

"It's someone wearing armor with extremely large shoulder pads."

"That's very '80s."

"Oh! It's an orc!"

"She runs away screaming about demons and wild beasts invading the town."

"Well I've got some pigs in a blanket for breakfast. You ready to go?"

"She tries to hit you with her shawl while screaming that you're a demon."

"I politely back away."

"She advances. Clearly, she has you on the run."

"If the lich makes her move here there'll be less collateral damage."

"He said, in the middle of a village."

"'Everyone here is expendable,' said the paladin."

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