D&D talk with mention of a certain dev whose initials are MM 

While I like and my friends and I will continue to play it, I don't see myself buying any new source books.

How WotC handled the Mike Mearls issue (quietly shuffling him around and saying "Oh he's not with us any more" when he darned well still was with the company) has left a sour taste.

Fortunately I'm a big fan of homebrew and enjoy it far more than any published campaign I've ever done. For additional neat things there's always 3rd party publishers, and with 5e compatible source books being a perfectly acceptable thing so long as the content creators avoid certain IP, I don't really need to give money to WotC (and therefore indirectly Mr. Mearls) to support my local game store and still play a game my friends and I have come to enjoy.

Truth be told Eberron is the last official source book I purchased, and that came out long before it was revealed Mearls hadn't really left the company.

I like the progress the company has made in making the game far more inclusive and accessible. The recent announcements concerning alignment show even more progress in the right direction. I really do think that there are multiple good people on the D&D dev team, although it still skews far too much towards white and male.

All of this makes me wonder if the Mike Mearls thing (yes I am being intentionally vague but it isn't hard to research) isn't entirely the decision of the D&D dev leadership, but it's certainly someone's doing and since I /can/ vote with my money, that's what I'll be doing.

"Oh! I have regrets! I have a lot of regrets!"

"My favorite thing is how cheerfully that information was relayed."

"Is it a 'No?'"

"I am opening my new source book."

"That sounds like a 'No.'"

"Are you experimenting with earthquakes?"

"Not near this floor."

"I probably should have mentioned the eldritch horrors before inviting anyone."

"This is the 'bad idea' notebook. We only work on these every other Friday."

"You have no idea how much engineering went into making these doors open up on their own."

"You don't just have someone in the wall with a rope?"

"I would prefer for there to not be a monorail in the hallway."

"You're going to love the source book I just bought."

"That's when we determined the rules for biting in combat."

"What's the worst that could happen? Find out after this short break!"

"Visitor passes!"

"They don't explode, do they?"

"You are not the first person to ask."

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