"Cavil follows Mo as a patron. Chadrick follows Mo on Instagram."

"It isn't Instagram, it's Pentagram."

"I have the ability to speak with animals!"

"We're not animals."

"You see? We understand each other."

"We're kobolds. We speak Common."

"And I helped! I'm responsible for 50% of the mess, that counts as helping."

"Sparkly smog mephit!"

"It doesn't smell any better, but it's pretty now."

"I love all the Indiana Jones references we're going to have in this campaign, but this means we're going to have our 1st arc followed by the 3rd arc."

"If you're wondering about the silence in the edit, Crash is talking about Eurovision."

"I edit out silences."

"I don't think that's working as intended."

"It's not working as /they/ intended."

"I appreciate the pauses we hear when Crash /doesn't/ give me Inspiration."

"I just looked up 'Old Man' in he Monster Manual and now I understand."

"You're all in a grassy field, so you're on his lawn. He has lair actions."

"What do you do as a lynx, other than need a heck of a lot of batteries?"

"There was a soup elemental, which was far better than the sewage elemental /which you all cheered for!/"

"That's because we summoned it."

"Oh, 'walking.' I thought you said 'Hawking.'"

"I don't want to see the walking radiation."

"Those plot hooks will all be forgotten by next session."

"I'm not forgetting about Eurovision."

"They're not children. They're grinning, like children, and there's a malice that is frequently attributed to children ... OK, they might actually be children."

"When you're the DM, then you can ban your mother's character choices."

"I'd be wondering how you got here."

"To be honest there'd be no one more confused than me."

"This is not my beautiful house. How did I get here?"

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