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Cogbucket JR is a paladin of Clarke, God of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. They went into paladining so they could protect their friends, who are mostly all kobolds.

Also, their friends are all way more powerful than JR.

I've commissioned multiple works from @scoots and they're all incredible.

They're also mostly kobolds, but that's because I keep asking for kobolds.

If you have the funds, I highly recommend commissioning something.

"How do get people to stop using your tools? You make your tools look incredibly dangerous!"

Fun with Discord dice bots:

I don't play Star Wars RPG but someone who does really disliked this roll.

The result as well, but I think mostly the roll.

Rimworld, USPol 

Vet, no .... no, not this...

Friends, I give you:

Phil, the Giant, Undead Groundhog.

Mods are getting ready to play D&D, post groundhogs.

Someone needs to level up. I'm sure that'll tip the scales.

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Friends, if you are considering buying a tattoo kit from Wish, may I suggest not doing so.

Last one (for now)...

I don't know much about Sir William Henry Perkin, but in his later years he definitely was a Crash.

CW: eye contact

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