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Today my parents took me to a used book store and my only regret is it's an hour and a half drive from my home so returning frequently is problematic.

3/4 errands complete.

Bonus: While preordering new Eberron book, local game shop had stickers.

Friends, have you seen the amazing portraits that @scoots has rendered of our Pack Tactics all kobold band of adventurers?

Likely not, so I must remedy this situation immediately.


I certainly do enjoy the Beyond Encounter Builder, but my party keeps surviving these "Deadly" encounters.

I'm going to have to up my game and hope for a session that doesn't end in 3 rounds or less.

My Players: We're all gonna die!

Me, the DM: Nah, you'll be OK.

DnDBeyond Encounter Builder:


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NPC Death, Minecraft, Minecolonies names 

Minecraft, Minecolonies names 

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