Pack Tactics S3 Ep 07: And Beyond

New season, new kobolds!

Still chasing the moon, the kobolds aboard their dragonfly ship are about to enter the Phlogiston.

The ElekkCraft 2 Modpack is now approved and can be downloaded via CurseForge and/or the Twitch Launcher!

Notable mods include The Lost Cities, Mekanism, Utility Worlds, The Flying things,

... and many more!โ„ข๏ธโ€‹

There's also a server for members of (and friends of, let me know if you want in on the whitelist.

The Lost Cities is a really neat mod.

Procedurally generated cities in a Minecraft world, with ruins, loot filled subways, and mob spawners.

You can configure how much (or how little) of your world has been urbanized, and how much of that has returned back to nature.

Oh, Bonbon, no ... please don't only say hello because you want to build a brand.

uspol, minecraft, covid 

When our Microsoft overlords have better sense than certain state governments I shall not name...

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I feel a like Aurora and I are going to get along just fine.

The cows are coming! The cows are coming! Summon the Fellowship of the Hall! The heroes of Neverwinter! Random kobolds! Help!

I don't know what this does so far as Animal Crossing mechanics but it seems significant.

"Page doesn't even know that space sharks are going to be a thing."

"Yes, but Page can still dream, and she does."


"Page has +3 in Animal Handling."

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