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So close, yet so incredibly far away.

For the record, it is conservative to say I've never had an average above 4 viewers.

Certainly won't be quitting my day job.

Tier 2 is Koboldthulu attacking space rockets and Tier one is Fax the Kobold as rendered by Rhys, AKA my current avatar.

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No one's ever going to be foolish enough to become a Tier 3 subscriber to my Twitch channel, so I made the emote a space shark.

I made a thing.

It's a collection of 11 new potions for use in and other 5e compatible games, as described by Mox the Kobold Paladin.

As normal for me, you can download for free or "pay what you want."

This nightmare is almost over ... I hope.

I'd have force-quit by now but I don't think I saved my recent changes and I don't want to redo my work.

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If you thought I wasn't going to screencap this number then you don't know me very well.

Again, thank you to everyone who's trying out Kobolds in Space! for the first time.

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Update: I don't know who you are, but thank you.

And thank you for your donation! You didn't have to, but I certainly appreciate it.

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Kobolds in Space!, the TTRPG I wrote with some help from my friends, is one away from 40 downloads.

That is quite frankly 39 more downloads than I expected, and that makes me happy.

You can get if for free (or more, if you're so inclined) here:

If you want more antagonists, you can get 121 of them in this similarly priced (i.e.: Free unless you want to pay more) document:

Working on a supplement as written by one of my PCs, Mox the kobold paladin.

11 new potions, each thoroughly tested by Mox.

The art's by Rhys. You can commission them to draw cool things for you, too!

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