On one hand I don't want that kind of power, but on the other hand I want to support the working class...

One of these encounters I built in DnDBeyond resulted in Death Saves.

Guess which one?

Just wrapped a game to find that @scoots completed my commission of one of my more powerful NPCs.

Meet Sniv Stonetail, kobold bard and council member.

CW: drawing making eye contact.

important skyrim news 

The Dawnguard doggos have armor.


I spent too much time thinking about this.

CC: @magicalmilly because I suspect Hiero would want one of these if he didn't have his bracers.

Looking through open source educational resources and found this gem, which I'm only posting here (rather than my other account) because of Milly's Dream Daddy stream.

It's a simple enough lesson, should be able to understand it in about 20 minutes.

Amazon link, minion reference. 

If I have to know this exists, then you have to know this exists.


After every stream Twitch sends me an email to let me know I will NEVER become a Twitch Partner.

[Insert joke here about internet so slow it's delivered by vehicle.]

"how did kids do this when they were childs"
-arn haston

I like how my avatar lines up with itself when I boost my own toots.

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