More arts from @scoots! Again, they do commissions and you should see their pinned toots for more info!

Say hello to @venatus's character, Zenosha, a kobold Circle of Spores druid!

Friends, please gaze upon this delightful rendition of Chroma, a kobold artificer from Season 3 of our campaign. (Marked sensitive for eye contact and too much adorableness, but then again ... kobold.)

This is a commission created by @scoots. See their pinned toots for info on how they can be commissioned to draw cool pictures for you, too!

Monty the Red Dragon would like you to just leave the carafe. He doesn't need a cup for his coffee.

Reminder that this is a thing that @magicalmilly said in game.

(The other voice is @queenofhaiku enjoying all of this.)

Apologies if you're online right now and seeing me overload your timeline but apparently CWing a super tall image doesn't keep it from being a super tall block of space and there's no redrafting I can do to fix that.

In any case, I like the new elephant on the elekk web interface.

Monty the Red Dragon wishes for you to know that you do not see him lying in wait near the freshly refilled bird feeder.

Everything is fine.

And don't those seeds look delicious?

The birds should surely come over and try some.

Monty the Red Dragon really hopes you like this podcast about his granddaughter and her friends going to space and having nothing bad happen at all, ever.

Monty the Red Dragon has befriended the largest, furriest dragon he's ever met.

It sleeps most of the day and has a horde (of cat toys), of course it's a dragon.

A red dragon can have a little hard candy, as a treat.

Today I have been rather productive in my goofing off.

New D&D logo 

I couldn't find a public domain gif of the night sky that I liked, so I made one.

The stars change slightly every 5 seconds or so. It's really very low-end what I did, but it's what I was looking for.

CC0, for what it's worth. Feel free to do with as you wish.

My Civ III Domestic Advisor has some ... unusual ideas about domestic policy.

CW: Wargames

Civ III takes an awful long time to run some fiber.

and other RPG mapmakers:

I've made a seamless water tile. The source art is a photo I took myself in a Pennsylvania State Park.

Consider it to be public domain (CC0) IRT reuse.

Amazon, sub-par search results 

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