I've decided that my DND character actually is just Hildebrand Manderville.

but with a focus on parties instead of detective work.

it's an amazing himbo of a character

@magicalmilly ok but this is slander against hildebrand, you know somewhere in his case files is absolutely the devilish and mystifying CASE OF THE ABSOLUTELY BANGIN' PARTY, BRO

@magicalmilly i'm not saying that executing a flawless and, quite frankly, classy - somehow - against all odds???? - keg stand is a key component of being a Manderville Man, but i think we all know it probably is.

and his momma was the one to instruct him on proper keg stand etiquette.

@wigglytuffitout he's also immune to disease and resistant to psychic damage

which i feel hilde has

@magicalmilly i mean given what we see hildy go through: yes

man straight-up fuckin yeeted himself at dalamud in 1.0. he has always been Like That. and that's beautiful

@magicalmilly i cannot wait for news of the arc where your character goes missing for a bit and everyone goes "wait, where's chad?" and it turns out that he got lost and thought he was a zombie for a bit so he taught all the zombies how to fuckin' party and now they're hella chill

@wigglytuffitout I mean, I did disappear for a session, and at the end I let them know that I just kinda zoned out, taught everyone how to do kegstands (chegstands for chadrick), and made a dogwalking empire


@magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout You did not make a dog walking empire, you were told you're not allowed to walk those dogs ever again.

The Chegstand, however, is canon. And because no one knew what a kegstand was before, that is the only name used on the planet.

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@Crash @magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout Okay, but, headcanon: Chad's failure at dogwalking allowed someone else to come in and say "at least I'll do a better job than he did". And that person, the down-and-out Alastair Cholmondeley-Featheringstone, whose family's house and treasure room was destroyed by a suspicious fire caused by a nearby children's theatre, has parlayed that into a sterling reputation throughout Flotsam, and now everybody comes to Cholmondeley-Featheringstone Pet Services for their dog-walking needs, which has allowed Alastair to begin to rebuild his family's fortune and restore the good Cholmondeley-Featheringstone name.

@Crash @magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout (Reminder: "Cholmondeley-Featheringstone" is, honest to goodness, pronounced "Chumley-Fanshaw".)

@Crash @magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout "It is I, your nemesis, Alastair Cholmondeley-Featheringstone!"

Chadrick: "...who?"

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