LB: I have commissioned many images from @scoots and if you have the financial means then I highly recommend it.

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@Crash @scoots since the instances administration play dictators and suspend single users from the whole instances, because one single member has a problem, I'll not support artists on there

@naldela_teleyal Do you have any receipts? Or are you just going to tell me my friends are bad people and assume that's enough.

@naldela_teleyal This appears to be a response to the person choosing to harass, rather than actual harassment.

Or is any level of moderation from an admin harassment?

This isn't bad acting, that's evidence that .art protects its users from harassment.

She didn't even mention the person by name so you can't accuse her of sending people to dogpile the person in question.

Try again. Or don't. If this was your opening salvo you have nothing but baseless accusations.

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