Fallout 4 

Selected Piper as a companion for the first time.

After I missed a land mine and it blew up in my face while I was attempting to sneak, I heard her shout "Loud! Loud!"

This amuses me.

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re: Fallout 4 

@Crash piper is great, her and nick were my favorite companions in that game.

re: Fallout 4 

@venatus Nick and Ada are my personal favorites so far, though I do like Cait's recovery arc and only monsters would dislike Dogmeat.

re: Fallout 4 

@Crash dogmeat is cool, but I wish the game could decide if he was a full fledged companion or a pet like the dog was in new vegas.

side note piper is gay as fuck, it only comes up if you have her as a companion the first time you talk to the lounge singer at the third rail, but her brain totally does a "I'm to gay to think right now"

re: Fallout 4 

@Crash in case you want to see it but don't feel like starting a new play through for it.

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