I need a distraction right now. What's something positive that's been happening recently?

Ideally something in your life, specifically, but any good news is good news. :boost_ok:

Thank you for the positives. They legitimately got me through a tough moment.

I won't say I'm doing well, but I am doing better than I would have without your help.

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@Crash Yesterday I signed a job offer that's putting me back in video game QA, got accepted into the online Bachelor's Degree completion program I applied for, and today the dice for completing an RPG scenario-writing contest arrived! Life is good!

@Crash Ramping up with me new subcontracting gig is going well. I like the team, and it will be a steady income flow.

@naga I'm thrilled for your financial stability and the fact you get along well with your coworkers.

@Crash We got our Kickstarter copy of the "Life Finds a Way" graphic novel in the mail recently:

We've been slowly reading through it, story by story - it's nice to do something positive that doesn't require us to look at screens.

- Packdragon 🐲 ✨

@packbat I'm thrilled you got to support the arts AND have a collection of stories to read as well! That right there is two great things for the price of ... well ... a Kickstarter, apparently. :)

@Crash yeee!

Oh, and unrelatedly: a friend of ours stumbled over and correctly deduced that we would want to be alerted to its existence!

- 🐲 ✨ 🎶

@Crash i finished tidying and reorganizing the gardening area of the apartment since i’m mostly done germinating seeds. it made the kitchen feel bigger!

@mood Tending to plants is awesome! It's one of the things I enjoyed greatly last summer. Having more room to move about in the kitchen is a great thing in and of itself, but also, plants!

I envy your motivation, my gardening area is ...still returning to nature.

@Crash I... finally managed to get groceries delivered today! I have fruit and vegetables in the house again, which is nice. :blobmelt:

And it's only three sleeps until D&D!

@noelle All of these are good things!

Fresh fruit and veggies are great, and you didn't have to risk going out to get them.

@Crash Hmm... We just got a new (old, was donated to us a while ago but hasn't been needed yet) external hard drive set up for our media archive! Probably going to devote this one to things like tv shows and stuff? might also get some spillover from the video game archive drive since that one's almost full

@Felthry I am envious of your networking and data organization skills. Fantastic!

@Crash ahah this was just luck, happened to know a tech-minded friend who was willing to help out and had a bunch of spare hard drives, and then I just archived all the torrents I could fit

we have zero skill at organizing things

@Crash I think archiving things and preserving them for future people to be able to experience is just really important to us

seeing things like video games that got really limited runs and now cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a copy makes me really upset, especially combined with the fact that they just don't *make* copies of a lot of things anymore and even if they did you can't play them on modern hardware, unlike movies (as long as they got a dvd release)

@Crash I paid off 3 credit cards worth of debt with unemployment stimulus so far

@Crash I came into work today to the news a coworker made little treats for all of us and put them in individual bags so they would be safe. Haven't tried them yet but I'm looking forward to it!

@gryphon Unexpected treats are even better than expected ones, in my honest opinion!

@Crash I recently started a new job and the people there are all really nice and friendly and welcoming

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