Article: "Open Source Apps for Playing D&D"

Me: This sounds promising, let's see....

Article: "I type my random encounter tables in Vim."

Me: OK, that's not particularly groundbreaking, but ...

Article: "I use Thunderbird to email the other people in my D&D group."

Me: :blobglare:

@Crash these are the kind of thing you expect there would be loads of but in reality there's one good one and the source code is in Delphi and has been languishing for 10 years and you have to compile it yourself but it doesn't compile on your CPU architecture or your operating system doesn't have old enough dependencies and you can't install them without also building those from source and they also have dependency issues ad infinitum

@Crash also if you finally do get it compiled you find out it only comes with adnd 2e support built in

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