Whining, disposible society, etc. 

I need a new mouse.

This one is not letting me click and drag for long before it decides to count the hold as multiple clicks. This is fine for some video games but not for Rimworld or any art projects.

I do not want to have to buy a new mouse.

Whining, disposible society, etc. 

@Crash Time to whip out the soldering iron? :blobnervous:

Whining, disposible society, etc. 

@Jo I like the concept, but I don't think I have the spoons for messing with the part of this mouse that is wearing out, but if I did I'd likely still just melt the wrong thing like I tend to do.

For the record I spent all my remaining spoons tonight trying to make a papercraft case for my micro:bit.

So close to getting all the measurements right...

Whining, disposible society, etc. 

@Crash Oof, fair enough. :blobsad:

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