pol about boundaries of pol 

Very cold take:

Racism, sexism, etc. aren't political issues. They've been framed that way because those who want to be racist, sexist, etc. want an excuse for us to shut up about it in the guise of "not being political."

Being a good person is not a political stance.

pol about boundaries of pol 

@Crash Agreed. And not sure if this is where you're going, but I'd suggest racism and sexism are still reasonable content to cw in most cases.

pol about boundaries of pol 

@Crash But I agree that "pol" is not the right cw, at least unless it's relevant for other reasons.

pol about boundaries of pol 

@naga This was mostly a subtoot to something seen elsewhere along the lines of "I don't like seeing politics on my timeline so I don't talk about..."

I agree discussions about those things, while not political, deserve CWs.

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