Whelp, it looks like in @ 30 minutes or so we'll be streaming some on Twitch instead of Mixer.

Different venue, same collection of bad decisions.

(Spoiler: Sometimes there are no good decisions.)

It sounds like you're going from one evil to another. lol :/
Why the change?

I'm not sure if PeerTube supports live broadcasting yet but, do you, or would you (please!) consider uploading everything to a PT server?

(Also note that I plan on running one mainly focused on music but maybe open to other "outcast"* content like CTDM on )
(* Think "what are goths/metalheads/etc into?" That'll be a part of TFC.)

@dorkbird I've been trying out Mixer but they just revamped their harassment policy and I was slow to the plate for watching the mandatory video. As I still wanted to stream and was still set up for Twitch, I went back for one session.

To my knowledge there isn't any decentralized STREAMING service, but I'm not opposed to PeerTube technology. That said, our sessions are audio only, making them much better to be audio podcasts with an RSS feed. That's how I release them after the stream.

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