Guess whose Mixer stream key isn't working because he didn't watch the "Don't be a bad person on the internet, please" video to get his new stream key 24 hours before he intended to stream D&D?

@magicalmilly My lament is that Mixer did an adequate job of warning in advance, but then I forgot about it and didn't watch the darned video on the 4th when I was supposed to.

At least I can still stream on Twitch.

@Crash very true, though that is irritating that there seems to be such a long wait between watching the vid and then being able to stream.

@magicalmilly If they have actual humans reviewing each channel, I'm actually shocked the wait time isn't longer.

@Crash true, that is actually pretty great.

may have to switch over to mixer... tbh....

@magicalmilly I like the aesthetic over Twitch. I don't know enough about the communities to be able to judge if Mixer has a better culture or not.

Our one regular viewer has had trouble with the audio playing on occasion, but I don't know where that hangup is in the chain.

@Crash I might try it in the future. it does seem a lot more approachable

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