There's a lot of horribleness in the world but tonight some of us get to play :dnd: and I am happier for that, at least.

@Crash how did you guys came to be? And, if you don't mind me asking, how do you balance work/DnD/life? How long has this been going on?

@jrss Working on year 3!

We started when I mentioned to some close friends I'd met through Warcraft that I wanted to try a D&D actual play podcast.

It was fun, and later I asked on if anyone wanted to do an all-kobold adventure, adding several more players into the mix.

As for balance, working around everyone's schedules keeps it from taking up too much of my time. At most I'll have 3 games / week, with one of them being an after school club.

@Crash so it's all virtual, yes? That's helpful. Do you have any hopes to transition to something f2f? Maybe with another group? Is this element important to you?

@jrss My after school club is f2f, but the friends I play with are too far away to do much in that line, and I'm not about to recruit an additional group of people I don't know just to have a local group.

And Discord works.

I DID travel two summers ago and end up playing D&D with two party members under the same roof and the rest online ... we all ended up playing in different rooms.

@Crash different rooms, same roof...

For me #DnD is one of those things I stubbornly want to do f2f. I guess I need some of the social vibe, and it combines what I need: a small group (3 to 5 of us), a relaxed atmosphere, and geeky/creative vibe. I met some good folks.

Time is the biggest problem, as I keep saying...

@jrss I like that the game allows for both play styles.

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