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Hi all, I'm Captain Benzie (Benjamin Kelly) a gaming blogger running

Vainglory: CptBenzie [EU]
CnCRivals: CptBenzie
Hearthstone: CptBenzie

Here to make friends and grow a new community away from the bird site! 🍍

Today's blog post is a special one, where ImPERium agreed to sit down and let me grill him on a few questions about , , and in general.

RTs are greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy!

Today's is up, and a little different to usual. I wanted to look at the ethical impacts of patching our games and software.

Whilst it's great that we get constant updates and balance, how has this affected gaming?

RTs always appreciated!

Today's is another installment of - this time looking at 3.7, the new meta, and the new hero, Yates.

How's 3.7 going for you all?

Bit of a personal today. As it's week, I wanted to discuss my own dealings w/ depression, and how I managed to overcome it through what I'm calling "The Bonfire".

Trigger warning as it's a dark subject and very personal.

I'm breaking my Mon/Wed/Fri blog schedule on to post my thoughts on the @Armajet open Beta for Android.

See what I think of the game after a quick evening of jumping around with the game!

Are you playing? Let me know your thoughts too!

A new blog post is up on , today looking at the ridiculous controversy taking the community (and apparently , , and Arkham communities), not so much "by storm", but more "by drizzle".

Great news!

Captain Benzie's is now ad free and under its own domain!

The old links still work but you can access direct at:

A new blog post is up!

Today I'm looking at how @CnCRivals is faring after two weeks of play. Has my opinion on anything changed?

Spoiler alert: I am even more in love with than before!

Please remember I am British originally, and this is early September.

October (affectionately known as "Suicide Month" here) is going to be a living hell... Literally, with the fire and the burning...

Here’s an idea: form a voluntary “Fediverse Code” that limits the size of instances to a small number. Say 100 or, at most 1,000. Any instances larger than that size are blocked.

The mega-instances we have today, like .social, voluntarily agree to cull their numbers over a period of time; aiding the migration to other instances.

The fediverse is already hugely centralised and unless we do something about it, it will be ruled by a handful of feudal lords/Mini-Jacks.

CC @Gargron

I think I'm getting the hang of this thing.

I'm genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised at how much I'm enjoying an EA game.

For my entire IT career, I've worked on internal systems so I've never really been able to show off the kinds of things I do all day. Hearthstone gave me a personal side project that shows off the kinds of things I do day to day (data collection, cleansing, data viz, etc) and helps pro players in the process. That's pretty satisfying.

Anyway, these are Hearthstone tournament decks visualized. I'm pretty proud of how this keeps evolving. #gaming #Hearthstone

Yeah, I know that's a lot of blog posts in one go, but I've just relocated to Mastodon and there's a lot to catch up on!

updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Since 2K Games released their press statement regarding in games, I wanted to take a look at the concept. Are Lootboxes Gambling?

This is the first part in a short series examining the situation, looking at games like , , and , but I want to hear your thoughts too!

Why are we, as gamers, so quick to jump on the negativity bandwagon? I explored this concept for a piece on . Let me know your thoughts on the issue.

Living in Africa, gaming takes on a whole new angle - I have to be careful what games I buy as not all developers support us down here.

I wrote about this for . Let me know what you think!

I've been writing a series of posts for my blog. It's called and documents my journey from a new player to (hopefully) Vainglorious, with all of the things I'm learning in the way.

Hi all, I'm Captain Benzie (Benjamin Kelly) a gaming blogger running

Vainglory: CptBenzie [EU]
CnCRivals: CptBenzie
Hearthstone: CptBenzie

Here to make friends and grow a new community away from the bird site! 🍍

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