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I've changed so much in appearance- format is dd/mm/yyyy

To be honest I'll probably be able to start hrt via the nhs before I can play smash ultimate again at this rate

I've changed so much in appearance- format is dd/mm/yyyy

Honestly, the fact that Ally is excluded from the PGR is ridiculous. It's not due to retirement as SDX is in area 51, and then JK was on a previous PGR after he tried killing multiple people... apparently just having a relationship with a minor is bad though. Sighhhh
(not defending ally by the way)

and this time we ditched the wigs for hair extensions EEP
also likely going to be more active on here, smash twitter is... toxic to say the least

Personally I think smash 4 clips are way better than ultimate clips

tried looking even just a tiny bit like corrin, think I did an ok job :p

Grr for some random reason my pc no longer outputs sound to my monitor

E3 Smash Bros 

I'm disappointed by smash twitter, like always they're quick to hate a new character but this time they're saying stuff like how Erdrick ruins E3, how nobody wanted him etc. Then comes Banjo... suddenly E3 is good? ????
it's like they have no way to look up what the DQ series has done for the gaming industry, and they think the west's voice is more important than Japan's (any DQ rep was very very wanted in Japan)

no sleep for 2 nights in a row for no reason so I feel wild enough to post something like this when normally I don't flaunt body sahkagabkgsa

A friend of mine has made me think our new fighter might be Elma instead
it just makes so much sense eee

Ughhhh, unsurprisingly For Glory is really... dead right now. :c

this is with a fury warrior by the way
twinks are so fun to make

Nintendo's E3 on tomorrow... I'm excitedddd

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