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fasting felt tough at first but now it feels natural, adaption amazing as expected

The Professor Oak challenge in Pokémon seems like such a tedious and challenging one jeez

protagonists who are easy to relate to are the best ones

I've been happier since I quit smash bros, suddenly there's less pressure to be good on me

it breaks my heart whenever I see a small helpless kitten or something with an infected eye, or a chick with a broken wing

I remember when I just kept trying to open my eyes as wide as I possibly could because I thought it made me look more feminine, I look much better with my natural ones

If Fire Emblem Warriors had a pvp mode then oh boy, I would probably be slaying
Switch combos, block canceled strong hits, etc it's so fun and fast but there's no online :(

sorry if I've been super negative lately, I have been feeling negative, but lemme just say real quick, puberty is horrible muh
a year ago I was fully hourglass, now I'm kinda hourglass in terms of curves but my shoulders are still wider than my hips by quite a bit more than a year ago

WiFi started working yesterday but is still super unstable, it's annoying

Yesterday when I got home I found out the WiFi doesn't work anymore, even today it doesn't, there should have been a technician yesterday to fix it but there wasn't one

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Having no WiFi at home sucks big time :(

Myuh home has super unstable internet to the point that even through my currently depression driven life I'm taking a train to places just to use the internet

Oh yea have another selfie too, I haven't posted one of those in a while o: (my shoulders are normally smol don't mind their size here)

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