Dolly Parton has been a successful recording artist for 62 fucking years, since age 13 (when she also made her Grand Ole Opry debut). She wrote songs for Hank Williams Jr. and many other stars before (and after) getting signed herself at 19. She's recorded FORTY-SIX solo studio albums, plus 17 collaborative albums, six live albums, five soundtracks, and an EP. And of course there's her activism, her massive philanthropy, her film and TV work, etc. Just wanted to note that she's amazing.

@CK07 oh and BTW she is indirectly responsible for bringing us all the tale of another tiny and widely underestimated blonde:

@CK07 Monty Python voice: "Her massive... *waves hands indeterminately* ... philanthropy!"

@andi This reply just makes me want to scream "tits" but that would be especially rude bc of how Dolly was/is sometimes perceived. But I'm screaming it inside myself, with the greatest of respect.

@CK07 Oh I know and I felt a little bad making such an obvious joke but that bit in Holy Grail ("massive... Tracts of land!!!") is one of my favourite so I really couldn't resist, so sorry! 😅

Your original post is fantastic by the way, I knew she was a mind-bogglingly creative person but had no idea the extent of it! :heart_parrot:

@CK07 love Dolly Parton so much! Not a fan of the femme-phobia that infected my view of her as a child, basically I didn't know about her accomplishments & didn't want to find out bc I thought she was celebrated only for her tits & as a big-tittied blonde girl, I didn't want that for me. I'm so glad I wised up!

@SallyStrange may I suggest that you go treat yourself and listen to Backwoods Barbie again to chip away at the ghost of that anti-femme nonsense

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