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I didn't actually do one of these so I think I should- My name is Jake, I live and attend university in Appalachia, where I study Media and History. That's a very fancy way to say that I want to be an animator in the games industry and I'm overly interested in societal issues.

My favorite games are Skyrim, R6: Siege, and Spyro (the PS1 ones atm). I'm extremely in love with the PS2 era of games, particularly art wise, and I include garbage like Oni in that statement.

Look listening to a CD player or a walkman and just vibing hits different ok

Hey fuck Socrates the examined life is bullshit

Still fucked up about that study that went to people with first languages with fewer words for different colors and decided that they just couldn't see the difference of like, pink vs true red

If tieflings are caused by a genetic mutation that is not always presenting in a Tiefling's bloodline, could two tieflings have a human/elven/etc child?

Email scheduling is my secret weapon in appearing like a functional adult

Weird spot for an indie band to be in where they're on spotify, you can buy their CD on amazon, and yet none of their work is on YT or Bandcamp

game dev job search, positive 

Spend all weekend sending out apps, post my demo reel on reddit and get interest within the hour. Feels very, very good.

It is pretty as hell though, peak 360-era fantasy design

I know about to set the world on fire by suggesting that Prince of Persia 2008 wasn't a great video game, but why did they think the prince was going to be a sympathetic character if in the first 15 minutes all he does is chase a woman through the desert because she doesn't want to talk to him

There are three kinds of ADHD 



And Freestyle.

What about that bowl of rice krispies with the sugar goo at the bottom

Thinking about that bowl of Honey nut Cheerios with the cut-up banana in it

If molemen aren't real then what do they make moleskines out of

This hour practice has taken way longer than an hour at this point. Still WIP? Still WIP.

If an employee at the chips ahoy factory fell into the vat of cookie dough would they become chips of Roy?

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call me a commie but i think if having cool rope physics meant a programmer had to sleep under their desk for 5 months... maybe it isnt worth it?

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