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I didn't actually do one of these so I think I should- My name is Jake, I live and attend university in Appalachia, where I study Media and History. That's a very fancy way to say that I want to be an animator in the games industry and I'm overly interested in societal issues.

My favorite games are Skyrim, R6: Siege, and Spyro (the PS1 ones atm). I'm extremely in love with the PS2 era of games, particularly art wise, and I include garbage like Oni in that statement.

Tanning lotion is reverse wrinkle cream

Hey I hit a weird button on my computer and this popped out, does anyone know what the fuck it is

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Records are cool for my ADHD because it's like music but I get to play with it

Posts are called toots because you either make a bold proclamation of the self or do the social media equivalent of ghosting a fart in an elevator

I'm a pretty big fan of masto for never using it

Repaired my headphones! Me me smart caveman, me me hit broken thing with rock and fix

Remember guys, any incremental action that makes the world suck a little less is worthless and shouldn't even be attempted because a college freshman read a few tweets and thinks the revolution is going to start once he shouts talking points at Arby's.

It's pretty nuts how fast New Vegas can be "finished" after reaching the strip. Like, once you touch toes on the strip and then talk to whatever faction, it's only like 7 or 8 three step quests to Hoover Dam.

Replacing my serotonin with regular Ammonium Chloride injections

Still really cool that all of our modern electronic devices have an ancient Viking King's name on them in multiple places

Hey people is there anything I can do to make three interface in 2.8 remotely understandable

Desperately fighting sleep in the airport, please send help

You think your fandom is crazy but when did any anime nerd illegally travel to the Ottoman Empire + fuck around until he discovered the ruins of Troy?

Looking at the art style of traditionally published comics is so weird, like the art is great + expressive but also you can see all the short cuts the artists take to pump out thirty pages in a week

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Death Stranding is deep. see, the baby is symbolism for how Kojima is a child that's too immature to write a story with any depth

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in all ways but mechanically, i am a battlebot

Barbie, misogyny 

Like, the modern Barbie range is pretty diverse and inclusive of body types and skin tones, Barbie and all her friends have like high point professional careers and shit. I'm not going to argue that she isn't a beauty standard or plain cooptation of women and minority struggles for corporate profit BUT

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Barbie, misogyny 

You can make many valid points about Barbie dolls but "she's a bimbo in slut wear"and "you may as well but your daughter a stripper pole" are really not even in the vicinity of making sense

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