You decide whether u answer a call or not. We think you should also decide if you share personal data.

Volla Phone gives you the opportunity to decide. When do you get yours? #vollaOS #VollaPhone #privacyPhone

Handelsblatt: Der Vorstand der gemeinnützigen Organisation entschied sich im Frühjahr nach einem mehrmonatigen Prozess für ein Angebot von Nextcloud, einem deutschen Dienstleister, der eine Plattform auf Grundlage von Open-Source-Software anbietet.

A new episode of is LIVE Right Now!

Come join at to find out what happened this week in the Linux World.

TWIL Patrons can also join the "recording stadium" for the Patron Postshow. 🐧😎👍

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg again: 85 (!) updates, 6 new:

* eduVPN: connect securely to your institution or Internet
* Ghost Commander - SMB plugin
* VolumeLockr: control and lock the volume of your device
* WeeklyBudget: minimalistic budget app
* XClipper: clipboard manager
* Offline Puzzle Solver: Sudoku a.o.

Too many updates to skim, but GhostCommander is there.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

What's most important for you, when you're getting a new (or refurbished) phone?

So heckin' excited about some of the new pixelfed features I've been working on the past few days.

Want to tease a screenshot so bad, but I will wait until they are released 😅 #pixeldev #pixelfed

Der Bayerische Rundfunk berichtet über das von uns initiierte Netzwerk „Schulen helfen Schulen“ – mit Hyperlinks!

„Netzwerk für freie Software: Wenn Schulen Schulen helfen“
#SchulenHelfenSchulen #FreieSoftware #digitaleBildung #digitaleSouveränität #br /c

Instagram Import has been successfully tested in production!

The beta will be available within the hour on supported instances.

#pixelfed #instagramImport

Changing a theme has never been so easy. We love the "touch-drag-release" menus. Its a better way to do things with only one (1) fingertip.
#vollaOS #theme #privacy #menu #simpel #uxdesign

Miss our State of the Guild stream? We have you covered! The complete meeting is now available to all our audio feeds everywhere! @TESOnline

Our next Audiobook is NOW AVAILABLE! New characters, new storyline, enjoy this necromantic tale of adventure in Loreseekers: Trouble in Elsweyr! @TESOnline

NEW EPISODE! This week on Loreseekers we talk Dragon Rise, ESO events for 2019 and soooo much more. We also answer your fan mail and complete a Lore Lesson on Queen Ayrenn! Enjoy! @TESOnline

For all guests of the Loreseekers Guild from the NA server: Feel free to use my houses on the EU-Server for your travels during the Dragon Rise event!
More information can be found on the Discord server of @LoreseekersCast

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