I've been playing Decay of Logos, and here are the things that are sticking with me:
Feels a lot like an alternate universe lower-budget sequel to Demon's Souls. Performance problems abound, enemy design and controls can be rough.
Hit boxes are wonky, or at least not sold hard enough by annnimations.
Area design is much more broad and open than Dark Souls' vertical and tight, to facilitate the Elk (read: not actually an elk).

The Elk is my favorite video game steed behavior? Not only can you feed and cuddle it, it also serves as your inventory screen. The game makes efforts to go "hey if you're alone, you're in much more danger." The Elk will stick with you, but out of danger. Except when it doesn't! The Elk will sometimes harass enemies when you're under attack from multiple enemies.

Strong King's Field-y or Ico-y feeling from Decay of Logos. More atmospheric exploration sans threats than in most Soulslikes.

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That said, much like with all non-AAA games, it's far more interesting than every open world shooter polished into a river rock exactly like all the others.

Sometimes I feel like my perspective of "a game having even major flaws does not mean it is a bad game" can be lost in my posts.

Things like Death Stranding's aphobia and Fortnite's predatory monetization are way worse problems than "the game's frame rate is rarely smooth" or "the loading screens are pretty long."

Also, I forgot to mention, Decay of Logos has durability on everything, and so far as I can tell, they can't be repaired. On the other hand, equipment drops are very frequent. I have no idea why I haven't seen a Soulslike do this before.

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Did find a blacksmith, but they say they only repair unique items, and you have to leave the item with them for a while.

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