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Hi hi! I used to have a different Elekk account that I had to get rid of because of (Elekk-unrelated) privacy concerns. I'm that guy that likes Digimon and giant robots a lot. I also have recently begun a frankly unhealthy love affair with Warframe.

My need for Posting was too great, though, and now I'm back. I'll have an avatar and stuff later once I have time to make one.

Pokemon SwSh, not taking a real stance here, just commenting on my personal experience over the past two days 

Pokemon SwSh, not taking a real stance here, just commenting on my personal experience over the past two days 

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It seriously only takes a few minutes on birdsite to make me appreciate what we have here.

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no one:
me: I made Reimu in Fire Pro Wrestling 2 for the GBA. I don't know anything about wrestling, but my organization is called "Dino Kaisers."

PokeStops, much like PokeCenters, show us that the Pokemon world is a communist or socialist one. PokeStop resources are being stolen by Team GO Rocket, but PokeStop resources are explicitly free, which means they must be taking more than their share per visit, likely to sell those ill-gotten gains elsewhere.

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"OK Boomer" is a magic spell cast to protect millenials from having their youth stolen by boomers and they fucking HATE it

List of things Fallout 76 is good for: Giving me such catastrophic buyer's remorse that I haven't impluse bought anything else since I bought it.
The sound it makes when you pick up wood is good.


In my home country, some people remember me as Stuffy Snakecook. Out west, I'm Stuffy Reboot. In the south, I'm The Accidental Immaturity. You may have heard of my other name, Solid Rebar, which somehow isn't my Horny Name. That one's Big Zodiac Chihuahua. And then there's my least important name, the one folks call me on the tootfield - Aster.

So I did BDG's Kojima Name Generator thing.

They call me Old Slaying-Neoteny. That's because I'm older than I was yesterday, I want to see Mads Mikkelsen kill a man, and one time I heard a guy say the word "Neoteny" while playing Parasite Eve. I also have six more names because I rolled a six on a di- er, I'm very well-known. I'll tell you about those, too.


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nothing in this world will ever be funnier than Azuma-robot's win quote "Gosh. Damn." in Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2.

frankly awful guilty gear joke 

New Guilty Gear stuff 

Parasite Eve 2 spoilers, healthcare, anti-vaxxers 

Parasite Eve 2 spoilers, healthcare, anti-vaxxers 

Very frustrating that we got 3rd Birthday instead of a game set in the absolutely incredible world Parasite Eve 2's ending suggests.

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vanquish and metal gear rising are backwards compatible on the GBA. It was the work he's been alive for 400 years and counting

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