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I'm putting this here because your scraper might have missed or ignored this instance's terms of service, but it sure as hell isn't gonna miss this toot.

If you need to use one of the beautiful pieces of literature I post here every day, prices for personalized transcriptions start at $100,000 US dollars. If interested, please contact my agent, Eduard Siddon.

Sinoalice asks the brave design questions like "what if you had no control over your team composition at all, even in singleplayer???"

gachas are JRPGs that instead of having are bunch of weird subsystems stapled on, are just built out of weird subsystems

gonna make my game randomize the player character's hair color so i can advertise it as having a roguelike element (just one)

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playing some Lego Island 2 just to run around the island

It'd be cool if there were more small open worlds like this

Anyway, indie games are the only future video games have.

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I'm starting the feel like social and business structures that become a certain size are no longer viable and effective structures, and that this might be a problem that can be delayed with good management skills, but can never be stopped due to the sheer volume of managers who will inevitably lack those skills.

tired: using 5x fast forward to mash attack during old RPG battles

wired: playing the entirety of old RPGs at 1.5-2x speed

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i would like to make a correction to this toot

at the time of publishing, i stated "curate your feed or stop whining"

i deeply apologize for this injustice

what i should have said was "curate your feed and also stop whining"

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listen if ya'll have such a problem with literally everything myasstodon does, why the fuck haven't you blocked the instance yet

curate your feed or stop whining

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did you know that SNK held a contest where a fighter got to be designed and added into the game and a person from Saudi Arabia won and created Najd??? she is so cool it makes me wanna cry

Thinking about this video which illustrates that Ape Escape is a game about playing the ultimate cop:

re: barriers to gamedev and privilege 

No matter what future I may succeed or fail to build for myself, can I really claim that I built anything given the sheer weight of privilege that gave me the spare time and energy to do what I've done?

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barriers to gamedev and privilege 

It is not lost on me that the only reason I've been able to make as much progress on my personal projects as I have is that despite perilous financial circumstances prior and immediately after my current temporary work contract; in this moment I am working a cushy job with plenty of downtime.

I still have a significant barrier to indie game development as a career because I either need to learn to compose music or have enough spare money to hire a composer for one shot at maybe making enough money to do it again. Sometimes it feels insurmountable. But I'm already past several barriers of similar magnitude many people who are not white straight-passing men will have significantly more difficulty navigating.

on one hand, i got two hours of sleep

on the other hand, i conceptualized a battle system for a RPG while laying in bed trying to sleep

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Weeb: so glad my favorite japanese game makers don't shove politics into their games like be west does:

Yoko Taro, creator of Nier Automata:

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me: desperately trying to sleep
my brain: we're gonna make our own video games! with blackjack! and grappling hooks!

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