Any trans people here have monster hunter generations ultimate on the switch and would be interested in playing?

(Even if you don't play monster hunter pls share this with any monster hunting mutuals if you can pls)

@Amy_CoolDog Hi, sorry, we meant to respond to this way sooner (our partners linked this toot at us) but ADHD got the better of us.

It's been a minute since we've played Generations Ultimate, but we're definitely still interested in playing it.

That would be cool, if you'd like you can add me on discord to organise some timeframe to play, the username is in my bio
(Just to clarify I am the owner of the account you responded to, I just migrated instances and changed my username)

@Amy_CoolShark Yeah, we saw that you migrated accounts, like, right after replying directly to this toot. >u<

(We're Tree/River/Calliope#0319, for the record.)

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