Ubi existing to remind me that they'll never make another Splinter Cell on purpose.

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On episode 9 of BNA and I agree with other people when they say I can't tell what group of people BNA is even about.

Wrote 1100 words yesterday. Took me 5 hours though. I procrastinate hard lol.

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Sometimes I look at art of Wind Waker link and just think "wow... That's my son"

Vague sexual mention I guess 

Quoras having a normal one huh

I hate that fuckin spectrum ad that plays when my moms watching TV cause it's all chipper going "it's time to restart the economy and what better way than with spectrum business!" Like go fuck yourself you sniveling money grubbers.

God Kentucky Route Zero has atmosphere for fucking days.

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Just noticed @mint birthday is the night the new moon starts. That's neat.

Lordt... Fuck Betsy Devos. She's gonna murder a bunch of teachers who don't wanna go back to school.

Me playing a certain part in Xenoblade:

"Oh it's Racism"

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(tossing and turning in bed) joshua "sans" komaeda

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there is nothing i hate more then googling recommendations for an app and entering a website that claims to be giving suggestions but then realizing that the link i’ve clicked is just an SEO bomb from a company that puts their product at the top of the list. it’s like accidentally wandering into a Stand’s range of use

That TWEWY anime looks fire. Reminds me of how shite Personas animes look and how they don't lean into their artstyle and they're worse off for it.

It's become the case that Reddit seems to be the best place for character specific Fighting Game advice barring a really good discord with a bunch of tools and specific channels with good resources. It just cuts the fat and you type in the search bar for what you want and either you get it or you don't. no scrolling endlessly through convos.

I'm talking 11 straight losses here with no round wins. Paprika owns the air I breathe.

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Got absolutely destroyed in my first day playing Thems Fightin Herds. I haven't gotten my ass beat this bad since 3rd Strike.

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