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I'm new here and doing an introduction pt 1: The Words 

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I'm new here and doing an introduction pt 2: The Links 

Trauma and "drama" 

All my love is conditional.

The condition is "Don't be a fucking asshole".

regular reminder that you are not your intrusive thoughts

This is QWERPLINE, S02E01. It’s an audio show I make with LoadingReadyRun that I am very proud of.

If you like morning radio shows in fictional small-towns, you might like this.

The plotline so far is just 'Zombies killed king, princess goes to war,' so I don't have anything dramatic to write about these characters. Regardless, the game is fun.

Wargroove continues next.


... Lewd? 

As someone who doesn't enjoy 'pro' or 'competitive' gaming, I'm not looking forward to having to deal with standard rotation in Arena. The idea that my cool bird or vampire decks will just be dead come fall does not appeal to me.

Meta, racism 

uspol, new antifa flag proposal 

Piracy re: transphobia, dl link 

auto collision, I'm Fine 

auto collision, I'm Fine 

fhqwhgads is the earliest known instance of bottom keysmashing to enter the public conciousness

Going live with the no-mic supershow and some Apex Legends! Because Solo Queues are a limited-time thing, and by god I'm gonna take advantage of them!

US pol, anti-LGBTQ, "religious freedom", notice of rule making, comment period 

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