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I'm new here and doing an introduction pt 1: The Words 

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I'm new here and doing an introduction pt 2: The Links 

Have a sample meme from the 'infosec' section of our menu. 

Bruce Wayne and John Doe, Best Friends Forever. Nothing horrible could POSSIBLY happen to get in the way of this beautiful relationship. Sure, Harley's MIA, but...

Batman: The Enemy Within continues next.


Streaming the finale of Control over on !

On tonight's episode of The Office starring Jesse Faden, it's time to fetch mail, xerox some forms, and navigate the tense interoffice politics of the Bureau of Control in hopes we might just nail that holiday bonus afterall-- wait, something's wrong here...

I used to not put pronouns in my bio until I realized that not only does it normalize not assuming and help NB folks,
1. It shows you're trans-friendly/safe to talk to
2. All the right people get offended and it acts as a good filter

So... m'car's not moving. It's a fuel thing I think? I'm taking the opportunity to take a couple days off of the work while it gets fixed, so... swings and roundabouts, I guess.

We're gonna play Starbound and probably go on adventures. Someone bring quests. -Alice

Pleasant request for a "Scarecrow" emoji.

Arguments for use:
A lot of meme formats require dialogue from someone who doesn't exist. Often we fill this space with "You" or "Society" or similar but a literal strawman emoji would work just as well and not force opinions on a reader for a joke to work.

Also it is a scarecrow and scarecrows are cool.

@AKAHayling I thought that was going to change it's name to the Bob Foss Editor?

BTW: Glimpse, which is a fork of that other open-source image editor with the shitty name, has a version you can download and eff around with now.

I just remembered the voice for the male main character in Minecraft Story Mode is Patton Oswald, so instead of great voice acting and cubic lesbian girlfriends supporting each other you could have Patton Oswald Patton Oswalding all over everything.

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