basicly im a ponie who is a trans catgirl

note that this is different from being a ponie and a trans catgirl

it's like. recursive? :blobcatcomfy:

imagine a liddol green unicorn, but she's wearin a cat ear headband? however the cat ears on the headband are extremely similar to the li'l pointie ponie ears she already has on her head, so it seems mildly redundant

she's got a cute collar with a bell on it as well, and when she cuddles up with her girlfriends all cosy and soft she starts to purrrr :blobcatmelt:

also she's trans and soft and a gay little snuggly friend :blobcatcomfy:

basicly thats me, im that ponie


liddol unicorn putting those bappy paw gloves over her hoofs 🐾

because hoofs aren't hand shaped most of the glove is empty and goes flop flop

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